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Marketing tips
Neil Patel, Co-Founder, Kissmetrics, @NeilPatel

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5 Customer on boarding mistakes to avoid

Customer On Boarding

5 Customer on boarding mistakes to avoid

  1. Asking user to register too early
    • Don’t ask users to register in order to experience your product. Get them to go thru your product, take some action and then ask them to register.
      • eg: if you have a gaming product, let the user play the game, earn at least 1 badge and then ask them to register in order to retrieve that badge. At that point, user would have put in effort in to the game and would be much more likely to register.
      • eg: Saas based product, Get the user to play around with the product, take it for a test drive and do some action so they feel invested in the product. After they have invested some time or information, then ask the user to register.
  2. Displaying all instructions at once
    • Some apps or websites have bad habit of displaying all the instructions on a single long over whelming screen, STOP doing that. It is far too much information for the user to comprehend and remember and worst of all, it gives an impression that your product is complex and difficult to use.
    • First of all, try creating the product in such a way that the product is very easy to use. But in case, you product requires some instructions, please split them in few screens and walk the user thru it.
  3. Not giving users an option to skip
    • This is very simple mistake but I have seen so many apps miss it. Users are much smarter than what we might then and are familiar with the basic product flow dynamics or they might be reinstalling the app and would already be familiar with how to use your product..
    • Make sure you give them the option to skip instructions or other screens that could hinder their experience. You do not want to annoy your experienced users.
  4. Asking too much information for registration
    • So many apps & websites are guilty of this and ask too much information when user is trying to register. Try to minimize the registrations steps so you can get the user faster to a point where they can user your kick ass product.
    • I have seen apps/websites ask plethora of information eg:
      • first name
      • last name
      • user name
      • email
      • confirm email
      • passward
      • confirm passward
      • Check here to agree with Terms of Sale
    • Remove it all, and keep it simple by just asking
      • User Name
      • Email
      • Pass
    • By keeping it simple, you will be able to on board users much faster and avoid annoying them.
  5. Ignoring page load times
    • According to Radcare case study, every 2 secs delay in load time can lead to 87% increase in app abandonment.
    • if you have spent all this time, creating an amazing app/website, please spend some time to make sure that your pages load up faster.
    • In today’s world, users expect product to be flawless right out of the box and work at lightning speed.

These are few customer on boarding mistakes to avoid and hopefully it helps you to increase your customer acquisition.

Gamification Principles by Jesse Schell

I love this video, it has great tips by Jesse Schell about Gamification of our every day activities.

6 Tips on writing Killer Email Subject Lines

6 tips on writing killer email subject line

Emails are still one of best ways to communicate and spread the word about your business but since average user gets over 100 emails per day, they have become immune to them. User’s determine either to click open an email or dump it based on the Subject Line and first few words of the email body. Thats why its important to create an email Subject Line that would get the user to open your email.

6 Tips I share below have helped me increase my email opening rate by 38%:

  1. Make it Time Sensitive
    • Create a subject line, such that it creates “time sensitivity” of an offer
    • Examples: GAP uses this method to entice its users to open the email:
      • 30% until, 1PM Wednesday OR “Free Shipping for next 24 hours on Jackets” OR “10GB of Extra storage to first 100 Signups
  2. Use Listicals
    • Listicals are articles that share lists about a topic. eg: 5 ways of doing this… OR 10 Steps to Financial freedom etc.
    • If you look at all magazine covers, almost every one will have some sort of List because it catches users eye and tells the user that by doing these 5 things they will achieve their goal.
    • BuzzFeed has created a business based on listicals and people are hooked to it.
    • Examples:
      • 10 ways to lose weight without exercising” OR “5 Steps to Financial freedom” OR “7 ways to increase your CTR by 33%”
  3. Use words in the subject line that create a perception that user would “lose” something if they don’t read the email
    • Use of words that highlight mistakes or errors that user might be making which are leading to some sort of “loss” in their business or personal life, this will encourage the user to click open the email, so they don’t keep making the mistakes.
    • Examples
      • 5 Mistakes you are making when managing Money” OR “3 Worst ways to send an email” OR “7 Deadly Chemicals on your Kitchen table”
  4. Write your subject line as if you are responding to user’s email
    • This is a sneaky way marketers use to get people to open their emails. When I first noticed it for first time, I was pissed but then I looked back at how many times that trick has made me open emails that I would have not opened, I began to appreciate the cleverness of it. Use this by caution because you do not want to piss off your customers.
    • Start your Email Subject line with “Re:” before the subject line, RE is symbol email services automatically insert when we Reply to any email and assume that the person is replying to our email. This increases our chances to open the email.
    • Examples
      • RE: Your Subject Line” OR “RE: How can I increase my CTR?”
  5. Ask a Question in the subject line that pertains to your target audience
    • Ask a question in the subject line, that highlights your audience’s “concerns” that can be solved by your product/service.
    • Examples
      • “Do you want to increase your CTR by 28%?” OR “Do you want to take your next vacation for FREE?”
  6. Mention about “Guide” or “Tips” in the subject line
    • We love hearing about Tips and Guides that would help us do better in business or personal lives. Try adding the words “Guide” “Tips” “Hints” etc to your subject line so user gets perception that this “Guide” will help them do better in life.
    • Examples
      • “35 Steps Guide to Facebook Marketing” OR “Free GUIDE to increase your CTR by 28%”

Please feel free to mix n match all the tips to create a subject line that would entice your users open your email and increase communication.

Please do share any additional tips you might have, in the comments so we all can learn and grow together.

thank you


INFOGRAPHIC: 2014 SEO Ranking Factors


The Sneaky Trick Behind the Explosive Growth of the Kardashian Game

Kim Kardarshian

I was getting bombarded with requests to try the game from my friends and when I looked at the game, I found it very interested that how they have managed to attract & engage audience at such a mass level.

As I was researching to find what made the game addictive, I found pretty cool article by Nir Eyal  which points out and interesting way the game is using to attract users.

Check it out…

Recently, I started looking into the explosively popular new game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The game has ranked at or near the top of Apple’s U.S. App Store charts for the most downloaded free game. Industry watchers say the app could gross $200 million annually and net Kardashian a sizable chunk of the game’s profits.

My line of work is researching what makes some products so compelling and in the case of the Kardashian game, I wanted to know what was behind the app’s phenomenal growth.

I soon discovered that one potential driver of all of its installs is a rather sneaky tactic that exploits user error and can unwittingly post messages to players’ Twitter accounts.

It’s called the “viral oops.”

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5 Psychological Principles of High Converting Websites









Great post by Nate Desmond on 5 Psychological Principles that can help you increase Conversion rate for our websites.

  1. Law of Pithiness
    1. Simplicity WINS. Don’t make your users think and minimize the learning curve for your project.
  2. Law of Past Experience
    1. This law indicates that our previous experiences contribute to our interpretation of current experiences.
  3. Principle of Cost/Benefit Analysis
    1. Human behavior is heavily influenced by the relationship of the action’s perceived benefit (downloading an ebook or app) VS the perceived cost (entering an email address)
  4. Fitt’s Law
    1. It means that you can increase CTR to a desired action by making the target larger (i.e. a button rather than text) and placing near the expected mouse location.
  5. Facial Recognition
    1. As humans, we subconsciously watch for other humans. When we come across a human face on a website, we will 1. immediately jump to it and 2. assess the emotions showing on the face. None of this is intentional, and we might not even realize it. So, now your visitors will notice if you put a face on your website and it would affect the Conversions.

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