Product IDEA: Starbucks, Can you put a temperature indicating strip on your cup

McDonalds got sued few years ago because a lady spilled boiling coffee on her hand and McDonalds had to pay chunk load of cash.

When I get coffee from Starbucks or any other store, I am always very cautious when taking the first sip because I am never sure if the coffee is too hot for my tongue to handle and I do not want to burn my mouth. I am sure we all have experienced that.

It makes me wonder why does Starbucks or any coffee shop does not have a Temperature Strip outside their coffee cup which tells the temperature of the sizzling hot beverage inside. That way, I can visually see what is the temperature of the beverage and decide if I am ready to take that first sip. Or I can wait till the temperature drops to my comfort level before taking the sip.

This will save my tongue from burning and Coffee shops from being sued by customers who burn themselves with hot beverages.

The photo shows how the temperature strip can work, JUST AN IDEA.


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