10 Gamification Principles to Increase User Acquisition and Engagement

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I have been reading a lot about Gamification recently so as to learn how to increase user engagement and I believe these 10 principles provides good food for thought for anyone looking to incorporate gamification in their website or app to increase engagement.

  1. Loss/Avoidance Schedule
    • The fear of losing something is much higher in people than joy of achieving. People will work hard in order to keep something they have than gain something new. You can start by giving them something
      • eg: Status symbol or virtual item (Sword, Gun, etc.) and they have to keep playing for certain amount in order to retain that Status or item.
  2. Two Prong gifts
    • This is great tactic in which you give User can give certain reward to his friends in order to get them to join and when their friend join in, they both gain that reward.
      • eg: Box used this tactic to increase their user base. It enticed its users to bring more users and for every new user they brought, both gained additional Memory storage space.
  3. Appointment Dynamics
    • This works great when you want people to come back to your site within certain time interval. eg: In Farmville, you have to come back in 6 hours to harvest your crops or you would lose them. You can use this approach by issuing Deals that are only available on Certain day with certain time frame and user has to come back to your site within that time frame in order to get that deal. This would encourage users to come back to your site during the time you want them there. thus giving you higher engagement numbers.
  4. Sense of Accomplishment
    • People want reinforcement and pat on their back when the achieve something, so when users pass each level in your game make them feel special.
      • eg: Candy Crush gives its users great feedback as “FANTASTIC” “AWESOME” with sounds, lights etc. it makes users feel good when they finish one level.
  5. Mastering a Skill
    • Get your game to help users master a skill. It could be any kind of skill, something they feel good about. eg: learning math, learning to sing, learning to play a music instrument etc. That way after using your service, users will feel good since they have learned a new skill and would come back to learn more.
      • eg: Moz.com has amazing blog, I go there all the time to learn more about SEO, website development.
  6. Experience Points
    • Give users experience points for doing certain tasks or covering certain tasks. And these points can be translated in to Status symbols.
      • eg: user who has 100,000 points gets Trendsetter badge etc.
    • This would keep users playing your game and adding points, since they are leading towards a Larger Goal of acquiring a Status.
  7. Invite Only
    • Make people feel special by offering them pre-access to your features and making it invite only. This would make the feel valuable/special and become more connected towards your brand.
  8. Something Secret
    • Sharing something secretive that no one knows provides users with Social Currency and boosts their ego. let users a discover a secret path in your game, or Secret menu if you are a restaurant etc.
      • eg: Chipotle and In N Out have secret menu’s because the knowledge of their existence provides social currency to the user sharing it. Super Mario used to have secret pathways that lead to special rewards. The knowledge of these so called “secretive” things would help users spread the word regarding your product and feel special at same time
  9. Fixed Ratio Rewards
    • Player gets certain reward after completing specific number of “actions
      • eg: killing 20 opponents in shooting game or  playing the game for certain number of “time” & collecting experience points.
    • These are fixed rewards and they are expected and user knows when to expect them. This is great way to make sure users keep playing and moving forward level after level in your game.
  10. Variable Ratio Rewards
    • These are Unexpected Rewards that user can receive randomly during the game for completing specific tasks. These rewards heighten the joy when user receives them because they are unexpected and adds excitement.

Listed above are 10 different Gamification principles that can be used to increase user engagement. Please feel free to let me know if you have more suggestions, so I can add to the list.

Doing Right things for Wrong Reason by Dan Ariely

Great video where Dan talks about why people do things and what emotions make them make those decisions.

Anatomy of High Converting Landing Page

Good pointers from Neil Patel on how to create kick ass Landing Page with high conversion


Psychology of Color [Infographic]

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“when you reali…

“when you realize that this thing we call life that surrounds us is made up by people who are as smart as you are and you understand that you can influence it, change it, poke it and make it different, your life will never be the same”

-Steve Jobs

4 questions to ask yourself before you go to bed everyday

Life is too important and too short, so you got to do what you love and love what you do. I have found that these 4 questions help me reflect on my day & life to keep things in perspective, keep me growing and lead a fulfilling life.

  1. What have I learned today?
  2. What task gave me the most joy today?
  3. What task was most pain in ass today?
  4. Did I make at least 1 person smile today?

I ask myself these 4 questions every night before I hit the bed, and if the answers I reflect are not the ones that I want, I make changes so that my day starts reflecting the journey I wish to travel.

5 ways to gain instant Charisma boost in conversations & develop connection

I started reading the book The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane and she shared 3 quick tips on gaining charisma boost in daily conversations. At first I was skeptical but now I have been practicing it for last month and results have been phenomenal especially as i practice tip #2 and #3. As I practiced Olivia’s 3 tips, I added few modifications of my own and the combination worked really well for me. So I wanted to share that with my readers:

  1. Lower the intonation of your voice at the end of your sentences. 
  2. Reduce how quickly and how often you nod. 
  3. When in conversation with someone, wait for at least 2 seconds before you respond. This helps in 2 ways: First, it will help you absorb what the other person has said and response intelligently. Secondly, it gives the other person a feeling that you have listened to what they had to say, absorbed the information, thought about it and then responded. 
  4. Look the other person in they eye as you talk to them, it establishes rapport. 
  5. Point your heart towards the heart of the person you are talking to, this creates a connection on subconscious level and makes the other person feel connected with you

11 Secrets to Success & Happiness

Suggestions for Success & Happiness

  1. Love & Respect your Parents: Never forget your roots and where you come from. Your parents probably gave you more than they had and they are probably the only 2 people in the world, who would love you no matter what. So love and respect them back because the universe is watching. 
  2. Be Giving towards your employees, customers, family. What you give about, comes about. Whatever you want in your life, start by giving it away to others, then the Universe will bring 100 more of that back into your life. 
  3. Chose your close group of friends wisely. You become the average of 5 people you hang out the most with; so choose your close friends who are energetic, supporting, caring and have the values that you want to exhibit. 
  4. Live with Attitude of Gratitude
  5. Become an avid Reader: Read at at least 25-30% of content that has nothing to do with your industry. This would give you competitive edge and exposure towards ideas from other industries that you can implement in your own.
  6. Get into regular Work out Regime: It has been scientifically proven that working out releases endorphin which affects our state of mind. If your state of mind is positive, you will perform better at your job. 
  7. Share Happiness: Get into a habit of making whomever you come in contact with, leave in a better mood than with what they met you. 
  8. Do Hardest task first thing in the morning: We often create our ToDo list and keep procrastinating towards a tough decision. I recommend doing the hardest task and toughest decision first thing in the morning, so you can cross it off your task list and you don’t spend time mulling over it all day long. Be decisive.
  9. Take Responsibility: You and only you are responsible towards your current state of situation or frame of mind. Make a decision to improve it and take responsibility towards it because only you can change it, no one else can.
  10. Be Tenacious: Live with an attitude of Tenacity and full on determination towards your goals. Never ever ever stop trying and moving towards what makes you happy.
  11.  Marry the right person: it will determine 90% of your success and happiness. You can handle any difficult situations outside your home as long as you have a loving, supportive, kind and warm home to come to. 

Need intro to someone on Linkedin? It just got easier.

Linkedin announced today new feature “How you are connected” tool which makes it easier to find not only “who” in your Linkedin network knows the person you are trying to reach but also “How” they know each other. This would enable you to find which one of your connections could be the best route to reaching the person you want to connect with.


Lets say,  you have a startup and are trying to get introduction to potential investor, Scott. By using this feature you will be able to see how Sam or Sally in your network is connected to potential Investor and how they are connected. Scott might have worked with Sam 10 years ago at his first job but might have invested into Sally’s company recently. So Sally might be a better way to making that introduction to Scott rather than Sam.

This tool would be great help in getting fast introductions by using quickest and shortest path.

Read more on post by Udi Milo on Linkedin’s official Blog 

44 Creative Advertisement examples to get your Marketing juices flowing

I came across this video that shows 44 examples of creative Ads from across the world that serves good start to get Brain storming session started when thinking about your next marketing campaign.

My Fav are #39, #35, #26, #25, #9, #2.

Which one are yours?


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