How to Gather 100,000 Emails in One Week (Includes Successful Templates, Code, Everything You Need)





















Really great post by Tim Ferris from FourHourWorkweek and Jeff/Andy from Harry’s.

This story is about the launch of Harry’s, a new men’s grooming brand.

Specifically, it will explain how they gathered nearly 100,000 email addresses in one week (!).  This post includes all the email templates, open-source code, and insider tricks that you can use to replicate their success.  It’s similar in depth to my previous how-to post, Hacking Kickstarter: How to Raise $100,000 in 10 Days.

This post is of great personal interest to me, as I’ll be doing a ton of fun stuff with email soon.  For a sneak peek, click here.  Now, on to Harry’s…

Harry’s started small and grew quickly.  They now have 40 domestic employees, an online store, a barbershop in New York, and a thriving online magazine called Five O’Clock. Harry’s also recently raised 100+ million dollars to buy the 94-year-old German factory that makes it blades.  By doing so, they added 427 people to their team. Today, you can find Harry’s products on, in select J Crew stores, and at more than 65 men’s boutiques and hotels across the country.

Read More….

27 Mobile Ad networks for your Mobile App

Please see list of 27 most relevant Mobile ad networks that you can tap into for Revenue generation for your mobile app. If you know of others, let me know I can add that to the list.


Reward Network iPhone  Android Payment Model Ad Format
1 Kiip Yes Yes CPI Reward Network and developers make money per reward claim
2 Paedae Yes Yes CPI Reward Network and developers make money per reward claim
Ad Networks
3 Smaato Yes Yes CPC, CPM Banner, Expandable, Interactive Banner, Floating Banner, Video, Text
4 Jampp Yes Yes CPM, CPC, CPI & CPA -
5 Senddroid No Yes CPM Push Notifications, Icon ad, Alert Ads
6 Startapp Yes Yes CPI Interstitial, Native, Banner, Exit ad, Slider
7 PlayHaven Yes Yes CPI App Walls, Interstitial
8 Aditic Yes Yes CPC Banner, Expandable, Interstitial, Splash Screen, Video
9 Mobfox Yes Yes CPC, CPM Video, Banner
10 Adfonic Yes Yes CPC, CPM Banner, Interstitial, Video, Rich Media
11 MoPub Yes Yes CPC, CPM Banner, Expandable, Interstitial, Video, ORMMArich Media Ads, Landing Page
12 Tapjoy Yes Yes CPI Banner, Interstitial, Video, Offer Wall
13 Flurry Yes Yes CPC, CPM, CPI Banner, Interstitial, Video, Takeover
14 RevMob Yes Yes CPI Banner, Interstitial
15 Chartboost Yes Yes CPC, CPI Interstitial
16 HUNT Yes Yes CPC, CPM, CPA Banner, Expandable, Interstitial, Video
17 Jumptap Yes Yes CPC Banner, Interstitial, Video, Rich Media
18 InMobi Yes Yes CPC, CPM Banner, Expandable, Interstitial, Video, Text, Rich Media
19 Madvertise Yes Yes CPC, CPM Banner, Expandable, Overlay, Video Overlay, Flip, Engagement
20 Admoda No Yes CPC, CPM Banner, Post-roll, Text, Click-to-Call
21 AdMob Yes Yes CPC Banner, Smart Banner, Interstitial, Search, Table
22 MobPartner Yes Yes CPC, CPI, CPS Banner, Interstitial, Video, Offer Wall
23 mMedia Yes Yes CPC, CPM, CPA Banner, Interstitial, Interactive Video, Rich Media
24 Mojiva Yes Yes CPC, CPM Banner, Expandable, Interstitial, Video, Text, Table
25 Leadbolt Yes yes CPC, CPA Native Ads, Interstitials, Audio, Video, Floating, Banner, In-app, App walls
26 Adkiwi Yes Yes CPM -
27 iAd Yes No CPM Banner, Interstitial, Pre-roll, MREC (Revenue split 70% for Developer, 30% Apple)

7 simple ways to save money.

  1. Do not go grocery shopping when you are hungry. This one of the most subtle things that  adds up to your cost. Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry because then you end up buying more than you would need. I have been guilty of that and I have ended up buying food that sits in my fridge for days and then have to throw out because I never ate it.
    1. It’s a tough one to believe but when you go out next time try this experiment:
      1. First time: Go grocery shopping when you are hungry and see how much have you spent and how much food you brought.
      2. Second time: Eat a heavy meal before you head out grocery shopping and then see how much food you bring home. You will be surprised.

2.    Arriving early or spend 15-20 minutes looking for street parking rather than   spending $10-$15 on parking in a garage.

3.    Have a drink at home before you head out to a party. Buying $10 watered down drinks at the bar would hit your wallet hard.

4.    Get rid of magazine subscriptions when all that information is available online for free.

    • If you travel a lot and end up spending time in airports (I know I have been guilty of that) there is a good chance you wonder off to book store at the airport and end up purchasing a magazine or book which is marked 10-15% than MSRP. So, next time, why not bring a book from home to read and save yourself those few dollars.
    • Don’t hesitate to check out your local library, they pretty much have all the books you would like to read either way. I love the Santa Clara Library on Homestead Avenue, it has great selection, so find the one in your area and use it.

5.    Bringing lunch from home rather than going out every day. Eg: on average lunch can cost $10, so if you go out everyday for lunch you are spending $50 per week (at least) and that leads to $200 per month.

    • And of course, we like to have a soda here, a starbucks there, etc. it is not the big ticket items ($20 or more) that damage our wallet its few dollars spent here and there that add’s up because they go un-noticed.

6.    Going to events that do not require entrance fee:

    • I have found these two websites that show you free events in the bay area, why not use those and go there rather than spending $20 or so for entrance event, which a lot of times you come out complaining that it was not worth the money. Search for the website that targets the area where you live.
    • Websites: ;

7.    Try to run all your errands in one trip.

    • I have been guilty of that. I would drive out to do 3 things and come back and realize I could have done 1 more errand and then I end up driving back again. This would waste my time, gas, car wear and tear. Now I have gotten into the habit of creating a list on my most cherished iPhone J before I head out and I get everything done within 1 trip. This saves me time and money.

I started using my own advice and it has helped me save some money. Read through it, maybe 1 point resonates with you and could help you out save some extra cash. Ciao

Two Quotes I live by every day

You can either walk in FAITH or walk in FEAR, choose wisely.

You can only dream 1 dream at a time OR think 1 thought at a time, so might as well make it Ridiculously Fucking Awesome

10 Gamification Principles to Increase User Acquisition and Engagement

Word Cloud "Gamification"


I have been reading a lot about Gamification recently so as to learn how to increase user engagement and I believe these 10 principles provides good food for thought for anyone looking to incorporate gamification in their website or app to increase engagement.

  1. Loss/Avoidance Schedule
    • The fear of losing something is much higher in people than joy of achieving. People will work hard in order to keep something they have than gain something new. You can start by giving them something
      • eg: Status symbol or virtual item (Sword, Gun, etc.) and they have to keep playing for certain amount in order to retain that Status or item.
  2. Two Prong gifts
    • This is great tactic in which you give User can give certain reward to his friends in order to get them to join and when their friend join in, they both gain that reward.
      • eg: Box used this tactic to increase their user base. It enticed its users to bring more users and for every new user they brought, both gained additional Memory storage space.
  3. Appointment Dynamics
    • This works great when you want people to come back to your site within certain time interval. eg: In Farmville, you have to come back in 6 hours to harvest your crops or you would lose them. You can use this approach by issuing Deals that are only available on Certain day with certain time frame and user has to come back to your site within that time frame in order to get that deal. This would encourage users to come back to your site during the time you want them there. thus giving you higher engagement numbers.
  4. Sense of Accomplishment
    • People want reinforcement and pat on their back when the achieve something, so when users pass each level in your game make them feel special.
      • eg: Candy Crush gives its users great feedback as “FANTASTIC” “AWESOME” with sounds, lights etc. it makes users feel good when they finish one level.
  5. Mastering a Skill
    • Get your game to help users master a skill. It could be any kind of skill, something they feel good about. eg: learning math, learning to sing, learning to play a music instrument etc. That way after using your service, users will feel good since they have learned a new skill and would come back to learn more.
      • eg: has amazing blog, I go there all the time to learn more about SEO, website development.
  6. Experience Points
    • Give users experience points for doing certain tasks or covering certain tasks. And these points can be translated in to Status symbols.
      • eg: user who has 100,000 points gets Trendsetter badge etc.
    • This would keep users playing your game and adding points, since they are leading towards a Larger Goal of acquiring a Status.
  7. Invite Only
    • Make people feel special by offering them pre-access to your features and making it invite only. This would make the feel valuable/special and become more connected towards your brand.
  8. Something Secret
    • Sharing something secretive that no one knows provides users with Social Currency and boosts their ego. let users a discover a secret path in your game, or Secret menu if you are a restaurant etc.
      • eg: Chipotle and In N Out have secret menu’s because the knowledge of their existence provides social currency to the user sharing it. Super Mario used to have secret pathways that lead to special rewards. The knowledge of these so called “secretive” things would help users spread the word regarding your product and feel special at same time
  9. Fixed Ratio Rewards
    • Player gets certain reward after completing specific number of “actions
      • eg: killing 20 opponents in shooting game or  playing the game for certain number of “time” & collecting experience points.
    • These are fixed rewards and they are expected and user knows when to expect them. This is great way to make sure users keep playing and moving forward level after level in your game.
  10. Variable Ratio Rewards
    • These are Unexpected Rewards that user can receive randomly during the game for completing specific tasks. These rewards heighten the joy when user receives them because they are unexpected and adds excitement.

Listed above are 10 different Gamification principles that can be used to increase user engagement. Please feel free to let me know if you have more suggestions, so I can add to the list.

Doing Right things for Wrong Reason by Dan Ariely

Great video where Dan talks about why people do things and what emotions make them make those decisions.

Anatomy of High Converting Landing Page

Good pointers from Neil Patel on how to create kick ass Landing Page with high conversion


Psychology of Color [Infographic]

Pretty cool infographic by Webpagefx team. Read more….


“when you reali…

“when you realize that this thing we call life that surrounds us is made up by people who are as smart as you are and you understand that you can influence it, change it, poke it and make it different, your life will never be the same”

-Steve Jobs

4 questions to ask yourself before you go to bed everyday

Life is too important and too short, so you got to do what you love and love what you do. I have found that these 4 questions help me reflect on my day & life to keep things in perspective, keep me growing and lead a fulfilling life.

  1. What have I learned today?
  2. What task gave me the most joy today?
  3. What task was most pain in ass today?
  4. Did I make at least 1 person smile today?

I ask myself these 4 questions every night before I hit the bed, and if the answers I reflect are not the ones that I want, I make changes so that my day starts reflecting the journey I wish to travel.


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